Clean & Strip-It Discs are manufactured using a polyamide fleece impregnated with aggressive abrasive grit particles. They contain a durable resin coating, which ensures long life. These discs are highly versatile and clean metallic surfaces without material removal and are a safer alternative to wire brushes. Primary applications for Clean & Strip-It Discs are removal of paint and adhesives, cleaning of weld seams, removal of welding scale and discoloration (replace wire brush), and surface preparation for auto body work.

Because of its unique open structure, the material runs cool and only removes the upper layer, which in turn prevents cutting, grinding, gouging, and prevents changing the workpieces shape and coloration. They are load and heat resistant, therefore results are consistent throughout the life of the disc. There are no flying chips, the edges will not fray or shred, and shavings won’t clog the disc. In addition, coatings, adhesives, lacquers, and soft metals will not load onto the abrasive material and this may eliminate the need for multiple finishing steps. Clean and Strip-It Discs have fewer safety, ergonomic, and environmental issues and have fewer change-outs, which equals less downtime.