Quality is our number one priority. As a supplier for the professional markets, we are committed to offer only top quality products. We achieve this by partnering with only the best raw material suppliers, and then documenting our manufacturing procedures so we can replicate the process time after time without deviation.


The grinding robot is used to tests our flap discs against the competition to ensure we are offering the best product at the best price. The grinding robot replicates a human grinding at a consistent presssure and stroke length. For test data we:

1. Measure the beginning weight of the disc
2. Program the robot to grind the specified flat bar at a pre-set pressure and stroke using a heavy flat stock bar.
3.Then measure the finished weight of the flap disc and the amount of material removed from the bar.

This allows us to produce a graph like the one below ensuring our flap discs are the best in the market.



The speedtester is used to test the rotational speed a flap disc can withstand. The machine gradually increases the rotation speed of the flap disc to a minimum of 150 m/s. We randomly test 1 out of 1000 of our flap discs to ensure conformity to safety regulations for our products.