Resin Fiber Discs have an aggressive stock removal because of the grain’s excellent cutting properties. They feature a very long service life from the grain bond with the backing material and offer excellent surface quality as the thickness of the fiber disc matches the grain. Our ceramic resin fiber discs have a very fine crystalline structure, which allows for micro-fracturing of the abrasive grain. This process constantly generates new cutting edges and allows for longer life and faster stock removal for the entire life of the disc.

When heat is an issue, our ceramic resin fiber discs are the solution. An added cooling agent is built into our zirconia discs on the outside layer that greatly reduces discoloration and heat in the material. Designed for rapid stock removal, they dramatically outlast traditional zirconia resin fiber discs. Ideal for grinding and sanding metal, stainless steel, and many other ferrous metals. Aluminum oxide resin fiber discs offer a very hard and tough grain. They are a universal grain for grinding ferrous metals, iron, steel and sheet metals. They are manufactured using premium VSM aluminum oxide materials. These discs are very economical resin fiber disc and come in the widest array of grits and configurations.