A ribbon of material is fed into the cutting head, which passes through a slicer, cropping perfectly shaped flaps for our disc. The flaps are immediately placed onto the backer where the adhesive has already been applied. It is then quickly compressed down and ready for the next step.


Once the machine has given its first squeeze of compression to ensure the flaps are evenly spaced apart, they’re then moved the actual compression device. A high stack of flap discs are placed onto the machine and tightened so each flap is at the same height as the one next to it. With the stack still cranked down, we take out our compressed stack of discs for a pre-curing process.


When a stack of compressed flap discs are done with the pre-curing process, they’re then moved to an oven that will bake the disc to complete the curing process. This will allow the adhesive to properly harden to keep each flap securely in place.  Once the discs have been pulled out of the oven and cooled off, they’re ready to be tested. Testing the speed on our discs is very important to us. We want to ensure your safety while using our products by staying above ANSI standards.


Now that the entire disc making process is complete, it’s time to give the disc a label for identification. It’s sent over to our label making machine that places our designated design onto the disc. Once stamped with a label, it makes its way to the shrink wrapping process where it’s stacked and packed perfectly to send out to you!